Headline puzzles -- moments of shame

Some years ago, I tried to put up some headline puzzles. They seemed a cool idea but I wasn't equal to the task of generating them by hand. It took way too long and I always suspected the result of being wrong.

This fall, under the guidance of the guide given at the Phoenix Society, I wrote a python program that produces headline puzzles and I looked back at the puzzles I had generated. They were so, so wrong. There are parts that are clearly correct but they were not right. So... I'm going to get one of my guys to use my script to generate a puzzle for me to solve and once I've solved it, perhaps I'll start posting puzzles here once again.

Given that it'll be a program generating them, it should be easier to get them out regularly, and it'll be a simple matter to get them correct. Thank you, Phoenicians. I appreciate the straight-ahead directions you posted on your website.


Riddle for a Friday Afternoon

Q: How many iPhone users does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Nobody knows. There isn't an app for that yet.