Haiku 15

Can someone explain
mimetic theory in
one syllable words?


Haiku 14

Living while coloured
diff'rently from the mighty:
tort-uous burden

(double-entendre intended)


Haiku 13

moments of triumph
in getting work accomplished:
makes much else worthwhile


Haiku 12

Has haiku time passed?
What came as torrent, trickles,
Fun while it lasted.


Haiku 11

Marks long awaited
arrive bringing fear? hope? joy?
Joy in excellence!

(My son got some "Advanced Placement" marks back today. He deserves a massive shout of "w00t! w00t!")


Haiku 10

Lacking enough time
to write real analysis,
what's left but haiku?

Haiku 9

On Michael's best tune
he wrote, "we are the children."
'cause he thought he was.

Haiku 8

subversive poems
have always added value
to prosaic lives

What Haiku is (in case anyone else was wondering, besides one friend)

five seven and five
three lines, seventeen word beats
sparsely spoken thoughts


Haiku 7

the right to dissent
is more precious by far than
the right to assert

Haiku 6

no quotes like mis-quotes
clever words made cleverer
if perhaps wryer too


Haiku 5

What helps more? Fluent
dissent or a single act
of neighbourliness?

Haiku 4

Giving blood again
Simple gift that helps up to
three fellow trav'lers


Haiku 3

holiday fliers
caught on the tarmac but for
mechanic inside


Haiku 2

hobbit dvds
i've seen them once too often
give me the books please

Haiku 1

time to write haiku
looking for more clarity
in three arid lines