All the best, but not just to King George

Gwynne Dyer's latest commentary focuses on Liberia, a place where I have some friends. At first I thought it referred to King George II of America. When I saw instead that it was about George Weah in Liberia, I was curious to hear the opinion of another outsider (besides me) on the situation there.

It happens that Mr. Dyer disagrees with my friends' political opinion (he's Liberian, she's white, born in Canada -- they are working in Johnson-Sirleaf's campaign) but I'm sure he and they (and I as well) would agree that it would be a good thing for Liberia to escape from the cycle of violence it has been trapped in for the last few years.

Until next Tuesday...


Emmett said...

He's no "king George" he's a "Fool George". Only ignorant and illiterate people can make a do about nothing over this guy. He's only been a foot baller for God sake. It's a sad day when Africans have sunk that low that he can become a candidate. Liberia is a
laughing stock of the world. I was hoping to return home to Liberia and take my son home with me, but I am steeling myself that I may never see liberia again. I was born and raised in Paynesville outside Monrovia. I now reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I was hoping with the new election a credible person would be voted in. If "Fool George" is voted in then I
know for sure that I will then turn my back and walk away. It's a shame.

Emmett Peabody
Formerly: Paynesville/Liberia
Currently:Wyncote, Pennsylvania

Arthur said...


Thanks for your comment. I can't imagine what it would be like to feel like that about the country of your birth but I feel for you.

I will be watching this result with interest and hoping, not just with my friends there, but with you for Ms. Johnson-Sirleaf's victory.

And if a country has become a laughing-stock, it's not a cause for laughter, but for tears.