Another long hiatus

I guess I'll have to give up on the possibility of becoming the most influential new blogger of the year. <sigh>

So, what have I been doing instead? A lot of things -- well actually, only a few things, but I do them again and again until they begin to look like a lot of things. I could tell you all the things I haven't done.

I haven't changed employers but my employer has changed (we were bought out).

I haven't sold my house (but its value has gone silly).

I still get to work by automobile (but my erstwhile carpool of four has vanished and I'm now sharing rides with one other person).

And I haven't written a lot of blog entries (but I have continued to watch my village unfold).

Enough negativity! Let me tell you a bit of what I have done.

I've continued reading. A lot. (but there are still more things I want to read)

I've continued to enjoy the company of my gradually-becoming-adult sons.

I've experienced the worst commuting-September in Greater Vancouver that I can remember. (Usually at least three trips are taking 2x the no-volume travel time or more per week)

And I've begun to ponder how I can prevent that fact from taking a toll on me. Move? Down-size the house and then down-size my salary needs, therefore change jobs, even careers? The good news on that front is that there has been a significant up-tick in the job opportunities that are flying about. The down-side of that is the extent to which those opportunities still require a river crossing to get there.

Oh well... at least my carpool is humming along again.

Overall, I guess the reason I haven't written and published anything is that things have been happening so fast in the world and I've been so busy that things go by faster than I can get to saying anything intelligent or interesting about them.

With your kind indulgence (which I'll probably never know if anyone is extending to me) I'll try again...

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stonybankerj said...

Here are some other things you haven't done.

You haven't exchanged your wife for a new one.

You haven't informed on friends to their employer.

You haven't wasted time at work (unduly :-)

Sometimes, when I hear of all the evil in the world, I wonder if jjust avoiding doing evil is a sufficient accomplishment. In the days when Rosemary and I had little energy but our home was still a haven of rest for some, I reflected on the different ways that Rivendell and Lothlorien responded to the threat of Sauron. The company received rest and gifts from Lothlorien, but no warriors to join the company. In fact, Lothlorien did no more than protect it's borders.