Another energy-use innovation

One of my keenest interests has long been the more efficient use of energy. For myself, this has meant choosing one sedan over an SUV or more than one car (until recently) for a family of five, but I digress. If you know me you've heard me talk about various options -- and I still prefer things that don't consume precious resources over those that do, but this story caught my eye this morning, especially the video presentation.

In one sense, this is for automobiles a little bit like the transition for Diesel- to Diesel-Electric traction for railways -- but it goes farther than that. Diesel-Electric traction is still internal combustion. Professor Müller talks of his device as "contained combustion" and it seems to be useful with limited modifications for deriving power from a wide variety of fuels from liquids to gases, he even mentions Hydrogen.

And the simplicity of the thing! Cool. But without the transmission, the cooling system or a large lubrication system, I wonder how happy the auto makers would be to see this begin to become popular...

oh, and yes... I'll probably post some "back-fillers" on other energy-use stories that have caught my attention over the years. The innovations have been amazing.

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