The Most Important Question U.S. Voters Face in 2012

"It's the economy, stupid," is not the question, although that IS an important one.

No. The really important question is this: Why do so many REALLY, REALLY rich white guys want people to vote for Mitt Romney and/or against Barack Obama? (face it, folks, the way things are structured today, nobody else has a hope...)

I'm not an American voter so I shouldn't say more but I can't quite resist.

Maybe it's because they're such patriots. But I doubt it.
Maybe it's because they want your best. But I doubt that, too.

But think about this question for more than a few seconds before you decide how to vote, please. And don't settle for simple answers either. This is one case where Occam's razor is more likely to slit a throat than give a close shave.

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