Healthcare: Her phone's ringing off the hook

Dr. Danielle Martin's getting calls to run for office from all parties at all levels of government. Watching this C-Span hearing from the US, I'm not surprised. She ranked with the best three others on the panel, and made former Canadian, Reagan-Thatcher-Murdochite Sally Pipes look silly.

Our healthcare system may not be perfect, people may be dying needlessly, but not as many as among our neighbours to the south. Hearing about France's, Denmark's, Taiwan's system, I think I'd be glad to trade aspects of our system for aspects of theirs, but we stack up pretty good. And we have another really articulate spokesperson that we can be proud to call a fellow-citizen. When you get past your best times of doing medicine, I'd be happy to see you as cabinet or prime minister, Dr. Martin. Well-spoken, well-stated, well-pointed out on all fronts.

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