Justin Trudeau "vs." his father

I'm watching Peter Mansbridge's interviews with the political leaders and I was impressed with something Justin Trudeau did after the 13 minute mark in his interview. He found a way to oppose the current results of what his father did in concentrating power in the Prime Minister's Office without throwing his dad under the bus. Positive. Re-assuring. He still supports parts of C-51 and that and C-24 are the deal-killers for me.


Greg McKone said...

In watching the three interviews Peter Mansbridge conducted with Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau, I heard an optimism and positive vision from Trudeau that the other two could not offer. I don't want a problem focussed leader, I want a leader who can inspire positive change. In fact Justin was the only one who spoke to uniting the West and East of Canada.

I think character is revealed often when a person is confronted or challenged. I noticed Justin did not interrupt the interviewer, nor did he attempt to correct him. Harper on the other hand interrupted and sought to correct Peter Mansbridge at least 7 times. I saw respect and intentional positivity From Justin that was sadly lacking from Harper.

Arthur said...

Greg, I can't agree with you more about the leaders of the three bigger, older parties. Did you catch the interview with the Officer of the Order of Canada, Elizabeth May, as well? Last I checked she was a leader of a party, too.

I found Justin Trudeau to be a little better than Mulcair and Harper in their interviews but Ms. May made them all look like sock puppets, especially starting from the 23 minute mark. Check it out!


(and thanks for the soft-pitch to let me plug this)