Are your parents immigrants? Do they know about C-24 and C-51

This Canadian election cycle I did something I've never done before. I canvassed my parents not to vote Conservative.

I come from an immigrant community and their MP is from that community, so aside from a lifelong likelihood of voting Conservative one more time, there is every likelihood that they'll do so again. Only this time, it's blatantly opposed to their own interests and I had to try to get that through their heads.

Worse, it affects all their relatives and friends -- and they'll probably all vote Conservative, too.

I know you're supposed to keep "Religion and Politics" out of family conversations but if there were ever an exception that proves the rule, this may be such a time. If you, or your parents, or your grandparents are immigrants, make sure they understand the potential downside, not just for them, but for all their descendants, if anyone who doesn't promise to repeal those two bills is elected Prime Minister this fall.

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