Conservatives using push-polls

This week, I got a telephone call from someone claiming to be from NRG -- Nordic Research Group? Before it was done I called out the pollster as running a push poll. Ultimately, it tied into the Conservative attack ad against Justin Trudeau, that "he's just not ready" to be Prime Minister.

My views on that subject are noted here.

Let me denounce this practice in the strongest possible terms: Push-polling is something Richard Nixon started and is common enough in the US. We don't need it here. Oppose this practice strongly when it comes calling to your phone.

Why am I so sure that this poll was put by the Conservatives? After I called out the pollster that this was a push-poll, I said there was one message that I wanted to send to Mr. Harper. Although there wasn't a place on the poll for that, he fell silent and listened carefully. (it was around the last sentence of paragraph 4 in this post of mine)

So I don't "know" but I'd be willing to bet dollars for doughnuts on it.


Arthur said...

Just to clarify further, the part of the poll that struck me as a push-poll was to choose one of these statements to agree with: "Justin Trudeau is ready to be Prime Minister of Canada" vs. "Justin Trudeau is not ready to be Prime Minister of Canada yet".

I called that out to the questioner as a direct quote from the Conservative attack ad and said that Trudeau was just as ready or un-ready as any of the other leaders to be Prime Minister -- meaning thereby the leaders whom I consider likely to be elected.

In my view, though, none of Trudeau, Mulcair or Harper are as ready to be Prime Minister as the party leader who is also a member of the Order of Canada since before she was elected...

Arthur said...

Whoops... make that Officer of the Order of Canada.