A more palpable Brexit-reversal gesture?

I am not a Brit so my opinion on Brexit didn't count, probably still doesn't but just now, I can't stop myself. I thought it was a bad idea even though I'm old enough to fall into the demographic that voted Leave. I was afraid Brexit was going to succeed and I wish, along with about 4,000,000 Brits who have ostensibly gone on record, that it could be undone.

Maybe it can't, but here's an idea for all you "we-don't-want-to-leave" folks: Keep a pocket-full of Euros and bring them out first when you're trying to buy stuff. It'll be an easy way to all identify yourselves to each other. I know it won't undo the referendum result in the current moment, but it'll be a gesture of solidarity that may start a different kind of groundswell. Also, it can't be IP-spoofed!

Can you imagine merchants across the UK displaying a sign, "Euros accepted here"? It'd put out a different message than 51.9-48.1 did.

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