When you hear Fraser Institute, think "Koch-funded"; When you hear "oil sands", think "tar sands"

This evening on my drive home, I heard a piece on the news (before the traffic report; it's a Sunday evening and the migrants are returning) that I couldn't ignore, not after reading Jane Mayer's Dark Money. I'll let the note I wrote to news1130.com in response fill out what what I meant by the title of this post.

(oh fiddlesticks, I forgot to paste it before cobbling together the other links above; oh well, here's what I wrote to the best of my memory)
Subject: The Fraser Institute and the Oil Sands

It does not serve the public interest to quote, as from an acknowledged authority a warning about how a government policy (in this case Alberta's proposed Carbon Tax) will adversely affect the "Oil Sands" that comes from the Fraser Institute without mentioning (a) how frequently the Fraser Institute has received grants of how much from Koch-funded foundations and (b) to what extent Koch family members have invested in the "Tar Sands" (a far more accurate description of Alberta's northern source of petroleum than "oil sands").

It would suffice add "Koch-funded" as an adjective to "Fraser Institute"; and to add "backed by Koch Industries" in mentioning the "Tar Sands".
The news is about informing the public, not just of events and facts but of the meanings and the possible motivations behind those facts and events and I felt that mentioning the Fraser Institute's concerns without mentioning their backdoor connection to the situation did not complete what the news should be about.

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