One more thing to do before the election...

I woke up this morning realizing that there's one more thing I could do before the election comes around, and that would be to generate theoretical lists for my consolidated ridings.

I'm no party hack. I'm not on the inside of any process, so I don't know how any of the three (and more, really) parties would rank their various candidates in a given region for a list. I'm not sure what I'll do to make up for this lack of knowledge. I think, for starters, I'll rank people who have ever been elected Provincially, Federally, Municipally, in that order, ahead of others -- and current incumbents at the head of each sub-list. After that, I'll just try to be sensible. I know it won't resemble what the parties would actually do particularly closely but I'm just one guy (not quite the unshaven guy in his parents' basement -- although I have a beard, and the part of the house where I'm typing is on a cement pad, but I'm the parent in this house) not the scores or hundreds that I would hope each party would consult (their members, their executives) in generating this kind of list.

I don't know if I'll have the time to complete these list before the election but I'll start with the Fraser Valley, where I lived all my adult life until 6 years ago, and then Metro Vancouver where I live now, so that if I run out of time, I'll at least have finished one set of lists and I'll have looked at the places I know better, first. I've never lived in Victoria, nor in the Okanagan. Maybe someone who does / has could have a look at those two areas and let me know? The comments need moderation and I may not be instanter at approving them but they would be a way of getting back to me.

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