If you use Linux

With the purchase of Novell by the Microsoft-backed Attachmate, it is imperative that users of -- especially large users of, as well as users of large numbers of systems running -- Linux consider the final dispostion of 882 patents formerly held by Novell, and considered by some to be covering elements of Linux.

I point to this article from groklaw, and encourage you to consider the deadline imposed by the finality of the sale. Members of the Open Invention Network will be held to have a license for those patents by Novell at least until January 23 and in perpetuity after that for those who were members at that date.

So far as I can see, joining is as simple as subscribing to their newsletter, which you can do through their "Contact Us" web form. If this is not enough, then as soon as I find that out, I will post a follow-up to these instructions at that time.


The Ornery Pilgrim said...

Newsletter subscription is insufficient. Request to be a licensee by emailing info@openinventionnetwork.com

Arthur said...

Thanks Pilg

For others who care, the complete process involves a document that you fill out and either send by post or scan-and-email back to OIN.